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Where can I find tasteful, simplistic chic seat covers that aren't too plain?

The engine in my mustang died- it's a sad day. I just received a '94 camry LE, but no one gave me the chance to totally clean out my car, so a lot of things, including my (cheap but) very effective seat covers and a ceramic flower-embossed disk on a ribbon that you would load up with essential oils is now long gone. It's tied with a red ribbon and came in a gift set- if you remember those, by the way, can you tell me where you got it?

I've been searching the web all night, but the majority of seat covers I see are one-colour, unappealing fabrics, animal print, or camo. I'm still searching amazon without much luck. Is there somewhere I can find chic, elegant, not loud-ugly and not terribly expensive seat covers for my car? Velour-style fabric is fine, but I don't want any fabric that's actually textured, or pink zebra print, or decorated with Tinkerbell. Some things I like are organic and circular patterns with soft coordinated colours- the inside of my car is mostly dark grey and I'd like something to compliment, but not match. Does anyone have a good source for tasteful auto interior decoration? Your help is much appreciated!

It took me three years to decorate the mustang the way I wanted it- I'm hoping it won't take so long this time :)
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