Firefox update broke my themes and extensions.
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I broke Firefox. (mi)

I updated to Firefox 1.0 not too long ago and had some themes and extensions become incompatible in the process. So today, like an idiot, I switched to one of the incompatible themes. Now the browser window renders all goofy. No icons and everything is out of proportion. That's fine, except that the pulldown menus and all the preference windows render as blank, meaning I can't find my way back to the extensions and themes screen to switch back to the default theme. Is there a way to get rid of themes from within the Program Files directory?
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Open Firefox in "Safe Mode." There should be an option in the Program folder on the Start Menu (on Windows, I'm sure something similar for OSX)

In Safe Mode, all extensions and themes are disabled. You can uninstall the themes you don't want, and go back to regular Firefox to discover that it's reverted to the standard theme.
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Response by poster: That did it.

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For future reference, safe mode is invoked with the '-safe-mode' command line switch.
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also, might want to uninstall themes and/or extensions when upgrading.
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Nah, extensions are automatically disabled on upgrade (because of a version number check). Not sure about themes, though.
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