Are there good movers out there?
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Need a good local mover in Vancouver, BC, area.

I've looked at these two past questions and while the general advice is good, I'm hoping for a direct recommendation for a good local mover for a small one-bedroom apartment type move later this month. My stuff isn't valuable (I'll move the precious tools of my trade myself) but I don't want loads of glue intentionally strewn on things and grease on the carpet like last time with Quick & Careful which was on par with Small men with Big Hearts' ex-con high on drugs while driving type reputation. I'd love to move the stuff myself, as I'm comfortable driving a one-ton, but I and my husband are not physically up to the labour, and don't know how to hire a couple of people to do the heavy part for us. Any recommendations?
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I've had great reviews from 2 friends who have used Abbey Moving (604-264-1191). They were described as "intelligent" among other glowing adjectives, neat! I'm about to test them myself on Tuesday and can give a first-hand account then, if you're still looking.
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Tranquility Movers. Heavy Metal Rockers by night, dedicated movers by day. Seriously, it's weird: they're so serious about moving you effectively. We had a couch that couldn't fit through the doorway into our new place, and they got really upset at themselves for failing. Everyone who uses them loves them.
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My brother in law used to work for Abbey Moving and they are good guys however their mileage charges to come move my wife and I in Vancouver were too high, we used AMJ Campbell Vanlines instead and they were really good, fast, responsible and careful, could vary depending on which driver and workers you get though.
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Update: We used Tranquility and they were quite good. Apparently they've been doing this 15 years, and it seems it's just the four of them that do the moving. They don't hire a bunch of helpers, and I think that would probably keep quality consistent.
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