How do I get package sent to wrong address?
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I purchased an item on eBay which was sent out via USPS Media Mail 2-3 days ago. I just realized that I gave out an incorrect shipping address and that the address I supplied doesn't even exist. Is there anything I can do now to get my package or do I have to wait for it to be returned to the sender?

The address given out had one number wrong, as in: 2000 X St. when it should have been 4000 X St. Not only is it a non-existent address, but X St. doesn't have any addresses in the 2000s.
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Try contacting the post office. If it's addressed to your name and correct zipcode, they may figure out the right house to deliver to anyway, but a call can't hurt. Explain the problem and maybe they can help when it comes in for sorting.
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And you can often submit for a change of delivery address as well, if you have the tracking number or receipt - the package gets scanned at each new mail center it goes through, and if it's been flagged a message will pop that lets the postal agents know they need to re-label it for a new address. Media Mail generally takes a good long while to ship, so if you submit the change tomorrow it may be enough time to correct the destination.
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I just had the exact same thing happen--literally, exact same situation. I noticed less than 24 hours later, but it had already been shipped.

Go to the post office and fill out a change of address form. While they will not forward media mail, I was told that for items that are clearly of value (books, dvds, cds,) they will send you a notice to come pick it up, postage due. You'll end up paying postage twice, but you'll probably eventually get the item.

(Please note that this is what my local P.O. told me--this happened earlier this week, so it's too soon to say if it worked.)
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