Protection for a snowboard on an airplane?
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I'm taking a snowboarding trip to Wyoming this winter break and I will be using a plane at least three times during this period. Naturally, I will be carrying a snowboard and all my other equipment on the plane. How should I go about protecting my board? Should I just use a soft case to protect from scratches or should I be more concerned? Also, are there any products anyone can specifically recommend?
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Burton sells a rolling board case which is padded, with wheels and allows you to pack your boots and a whole bunch of clothing in with the board. The board provides the structure in a sense.

I have an old, non-wheeled padded case and if I needed to replace it, that's what I'd get.
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IANA pro snowboarder, but when i pack my board (or my skis in the days of yore) I pack clothes in the bag too. It will protect the board from getting hit by other luggage.

If you can fit them in your carry-on, I'd recommend bringing your boots on the plane. In my opinion, boots are a bitch to replace. If something is going to get lost, don't let it be your boots.
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Dakine also makes some sweet board bags. I too also pack all my snow clothes around the board to provide some extra cushion. I would also get one with wheels. Without wheels these big bags can be rather unwieldy.
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When I flew from Seattle to Tahoe with my skis, I left them in my 15-year-old thin ski bag. I didn't notice any more damage to them than occurs with a normal day of skiing.
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Snowboards can handle alot of abuse. Get a decent board bag, pack some clothes around it, make sure your bindings are folded up well. It'll be fine.

Interesting sidenote and story, I ski at an area that does lots of avalanche control. I took my skiis with me on a plane last year, and my bag set off all of the bomb detectors. My ski bases had enough explosvies residue on them for the nice people in uniforms to draw their weapons on me. It added an extra bit of excitement to the trip.
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I have travelled with a board several times, and I can back up what people are saying that just a standard backpack-material board bag will work just fine. If you're super paranoid, you could always put some towels in there to protect the edges, or clothes if your edges aren't too sharp.
And note that the board will be put in the "oversized luggage" area instead of the standard carousel (usually).
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