How to plan a quick and cheap workplace retreat
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Can you help me plan a one-day workplace retreat in New York?

A group of colleagues at my nonprofit workplace are planning to do a one day (or half day) retreat, somewhere in New York City, hopefully before Labor Day.

Here is the basic framework:

1. The goal is "team building" and "fun" - no work-driven goal beyond that. Its been acknowledged that we all do good work, like each other, etc., but don't really know each other, collaborate much, or socialize much.
2. Can't be very expensive, but we have some money to spend (approx $300).
3. This will be for a group of six co-workers, all of us are managers, on the same horizontal level of the organization, along with our supervisor.
4. I don't think it should be SO fun, like going to see a movie or barbequing at the beach.
5.It can be anywhere in NY, preferably centrally located in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn.
6. We do want it out of the office.

Anyone have any good ideas? Thanks so much, hive.
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Potluck picnic, maybe? People bring their favorite dishes (non-chefs can bring something from favorite bakery/brewery/deli), everybody troops to the park, bonding ensues. You have easy conversation topics in the food itself (yeah, my grandma taught me this recipe/my best friend introduced me to this pie shop) the outing is pretty cheap (use your $300 for a picnic cloth and plates/silverware) and, aside from who brings main dish and who dessert, there's no major coordination required.

Other thoughts: you could do something so touristy you're ashamed for days. Stand in Times Square blocking the flow of sidewalk traffic while taking pictures (shudder), go on the Sex & the City tour, or take one of the Chelsea Piers boat tours. Something so ridiculous you can't help but laugh. The shared humiliation will bring you closer together.
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I know a small nonprofit that had a fun time at a "team building" retreat at Governor's Island. It's a good little getaway from the city life, and right next to Manhattan. A search turned up this brochure.
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I once did a workplace retreat at Wave Hill.
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UCB Theater does workshops if you want to spend a little time trying improv together. That's good for team building...
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