Has anyone worked with K2?
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Has anyone worked with K2 Blackpoint? It looks like it can do custom applications in Sharepoint quickly, and allows you tie into a lot of data sources. Anyone actually use it?

I'm looking to do some custom workflows, like project started, Sharepoint site is then deployed based on a form approval, correct permissions are assigned and there's some talking back and forth between Sharepoint and the accounting database.

I found that I could do this by creating custom sites and putting in a C# SQL receiver and doing a couple of other things but found it onerous. This looks like I can do it out of the box, and cut my time having to slug through Visual Studio down to nothing.

Anyone work with this? Or seen it? Any thoughts?
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I haven't worked with them directly, but they've been doing SharePoint & workflow-related stuff for many years now. Get a demo, ask for some referrals.
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