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I like to consider myself an amateur root beer connoisseur, but I know I need to expand. Right now, I really enjoy Virgil's, Henry Weinhards, Maine, and Thomas Kemper. I live in Portland, OR and am interested in both trying to find some local stuff here as well as stuff I can order online. What are your favorites?

Extra points for root beers without High Fructose Corn Syrup, and other positive production aspects.
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Sprecher, made with real Wisconsin honey.
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This guy reviews soft drinks. He has five root beer posts.
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Hansen's Sarsaparilla is pretty good, uses cane juice instead of HFCS.
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I came in to say Sprecher's as well. Best root beer I've every had.
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Here's a root beer review site, that covers a lot of ground.
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Here's another review site. That guy hates Natural Brew, though I like it pretty well. Takes all kinds.
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Upon further reading, I don't think I agree with that dude's political views, either. Still, he seems to really like root beer.
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Stevens Point Root Beer (made in Stevens Point Wisconsin) is way way better than Sprecher (which I like, but not nearly as much as Point).
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Of those on the site linked by doctor_negative, I'll personally vouch for Harpoon and Boylan. On the other hand, I never really thought much of Virgil's, so YMMV.
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Back when I lived in Santa Cruz I developed a taste for Sparky's. You can order it here, along with a bunch of other specialty sodas including Sprecher's.
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I third Sprecher's. It is my favorite root beer.
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Crater Lake root beer is great - and local.
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Foxon Park is the local here; the Root Beer seems to be voted above average, and I can't really say as an unbiased observer, since I think everything they make is awesome. You can buy assorted 12 packs, but not individual bottles online; I'd suggest a bottle or two of Iron Brew and Birch within the mix, as they are root-beer-esqe.
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You could always make your own. My mother used to. Though I think that might be why most commercial RB seems too sweet to me.
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The Soqualmie Brewery, which is five minutes from me, makes a really good Root Beer.
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I really like Widmer Bros. root beer, found right there in Portland. They only serve it at their Gasthaus restaurant (by the brewery). They serve it on tap. I think it is excellent! I've been known to down several glasses after making the trek south from Seattle.
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Try Sarsi. Found in Asian food stores.
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I really like Whole Foods 365 brand root beer. It's cheap and I think as good as the other gourmet brands. Actually I think it's better.
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Dominion Root Beer.
Old Dominion Brewing Co, Ashburn, Virginia.

Costco carries it in our area.
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McMenamin's makes their own root beer.
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A local St. Louis establishment is Fitz's Root Beer I've had it and recall it being good, but not being a connoisseur I can't really say how good. Seemed tasty anyway. They have a place you can order online, so you can find out for yourself.
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Bulldog Root Beer. Fan-freaking-tastic. You may be able to find it at Cost Plus. Also, if you have a BevMo there, check their soda section and see what they have - they carry a lot of good sodas.
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I used to dig Sprecher, but it is pretty syrupy.

Sparky's is now my fave, as it has better flavor. Available at Bevmo.
(I'll have to try that Bulldog, azpenguin.)
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There is a wonderful store right near me called Galco's that sells thousands of different obscure beverages, including several varieties of root beer (and they will ship out of their web store). I particularly like Dad's brand.
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Abita root beer is awesomely sweet.
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Ya might go down to Corvallis and try Block 15's:

House Brewed Root Beer - Made with sassafras, wintergreen, licorice root, vanilla, organic cane and brown sugars, & local wildflower honey. $3.00
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Saranac root beer is great, and they'll ship it to you.
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I had a Sprecher with lunch, and my disappointed follow-up is that in spite of the real Wisconsin honey, HFCS is the second ingredient.
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i guess i am coming to this late, but i also review root beers so may be of some help. being in Portlans you actually have quite a few options that are only available at breweries there. check out my Availability page for OR for a bunch. i am rather envious as i will never try those i am sure.
anywa, some good suggestions here.
Bulldog is excellent. as is Steelhead, another by the same company

if you are up for mail order, i would get a case of Weepign Radish. very simple recipe but very very good.

you can probably get some Sparky's near by or else order some of that.

it is a bit difficult to suggest things as people's taste vary so much, you can order a mixed case from Pop Soda and see what you like.

good luck! i'd be happy to trade sodas too if you ever want to.
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