Prescription sunglasses for cycling -- recommendations?
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Looking to update this question: For the glasses-wearers out there, who makes good prescription sunglasses geared toward road cycling?

In 2005, it appears the big players in prescription sunglasses were Oakley, Rudy Project, and Bollé. Now I see that the bike catalogs have gotten hip to the game and are offering choices too.

What have you tried, and what did you like?
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Rudy Project, no question. Awesome glasses. I have Exceptions, friends have Rydons, we all love them. Not cheap, but fantastic.
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I have some old Bolle Parole glasses with a prescription insert and they're fine. The insert makes cleaning a little difficult and can come out if you're not careful, but fogging has not been a problem on the bike (it can be when I use them skiiing). Last I looked, I couldn't find anyone selling a wrap-around style single-lense prescription - I guess it's tough to make one with acceptable optical properties.

You probably know this, but a wrap-around is good for keeping cool air (that causes tears) and bugs out. One ride I had a large buzzing insect get in behind my regular prescription glasses. I freaked out a little and tossed the glasses into a ditch on the side of the road - it took about 30 minutes to find them.
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As I mentioned in another cycling glasses thread. I have Rudy Project Rydons and couldn't be happier.
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I'm very partial to Tifosi. I have a smaller head, so it took a while to find shades that fit well. My fiance has a regular-sized head and loves his, too. Their page on prescription shades is here. I like that they offer some with little vents to help with air circulation. They were less expensive than some of the brands you listed above, but we've both used ours on two long-distance tours and they've held up well despite the abuse.
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Response by poster: So once you know which ones you wanted, where did you buy them from? Local retailer? Online?
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I am the guy that asked the question in advicepig's thread, and I settled on Oakley Flak Jackets. I loved most of the Rudy Project glassses I tried on, but the Flaks just fit me better - if you don't have a wide face Rudy Projects would be awesome.

Always, always buy glasses from a local retailer - that way you can try a bunch of different styles on. I bought mine from an optometrist, which I would think you'd want to do with prescription shades (mine are non-prescription), and it's awesome because they were able to answer all my questions and were very thorough and patient with me as I tried on a bunch and asked a lot of dumb questions.
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