Locally-made pants in San Francisco
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Besides Cordarounds, are there any other pants / trousers made in San Francisco?

Roughly two years ago, someone wrote about amazing-fitting men's pants by a shop in SF. I remember thinking I'd buy a pair when I finally have enough money; and that I do, I've forgotten the shop.

It might actually be Lindland's, but I'd like to know other places as well.

Thanks a lot!
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check...oh, what is it called...I think "House of Hengst" which used to be "hrm." They make their own stuff and are located on Valencia around 20th or so. You could also try Nomad's in Hayes Valley, hrm's stuff was there before they had their own store and I've seen other local bits show up there over the years. Both of these places will likely have someone who can give you more options, as well.
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2nding nomads...they carry lots of local brands.
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Response by poster: Oh, they had a web site / online shop and their prices were roughly around $100/pair.

Hengst looks pretty high-end. The ones I'm thinking of were just nicely-cut pants that were fit well.
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