Where to start with Dynasty Warriors?
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Which Dynasty Warrior titles are thought to be standouts in the series?

In a line of games that are largely thought to suffer from sameness - it's hard to figure out where i should start. i've read the wikipedia and metacritic pages, but they seem to be written for people in the know already.

i'm personally more interested in the real time strategy parts, but i'm also looking forward to the hacking and slashing. it seems from what i've been able to gleam that 4 is a high point and 6 changes some things. There's also all the spinoffs which i can't make head nor tails of. it would seem that a game of this scale would be helped by the current generation, but i don't mind going back a generation in graphics if the gameplay is better.

fwiw - i have a ps2 and a 360 (and a shitton of other consoles that don't pertain to this discussion - but feel free to suggest other games in the same vein)
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I liked DW 4 because it didn't add any of the complicated stuff, while still having a ton of characters and lots of secret levels. DW 5 isn't bad either, I just like 4 better.

I haven't played the XL games.

I don't like to think when I play a hack and slash game, so that's why I don't play the Empires titles. I'd have to worry about the strategy stuff in between ruining 1000 opposing scrubs or whatever, which is lame, because the strategy stuff isn't very deep.
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