Where to donate a new black dress?
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Strange circumstances have led me to possessing a nice, brand new black dress that I don't need. Where should I donate it?

It looks like it's this dress. The tags are still on it. I usually give all my old ho-hum guy clothes to thrift stores, but I feel like I should do more with this new dress. I know of Dress for Success, but I'm not too sure this dress is the kind garment that would make for appropriate work/interview clothes. But then again, I'm not too well-versed on appropriate women's work wear either. Are there any other organizations that would take this thing?

I'm not looking for a tax deductible type thing either. I just want it to drop it off somewhere where the dress will go to someone who could best use it.
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That sort of dress, with an appropriate blazer, could do for an interview... I would think. So Dress for Success might be the best place for it.

Or you could send it to a consignment shop. Usually if something doesn't sell, then the shop will donate the item to a local women's/men's shelter.
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That sort of dress would be considered work appropriate (especially paired with a cardigan or maybe a blazer, as suggested above) at my law firm (which is business casual, but many places have similar dress policies), so I think Dress for Success or a similar organization would be a good idea.
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There are organizations that donate prom dresses to young ladies who couldn't afford to go otherwise. It's a little late for prom this year but if you can hang onto it, this would make a young girl very happy!
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You could donate it to the Dress Drive for the Pediatric Prom at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
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Just chiming in to say that I would consider that dress work-appropriate, even in my quaint backwards colonial neck of the woods, so Dress For Success would probably be very grateful for it.

Have you considered just Freecycling it? You get to pass it on to someone in a more personal way.
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I was also going to suggest a local freecyle. I tried that with a bridesmaid dress, and even though no one actually ending up wanting it, I got several responses from the small town where I live of people who were interested in it. I think that's the best way to get it off your hands to someone who needs that size/style.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice, all. I guess I'll give Dress for Success a ring.
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