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What is the company that makes the commercial where bikers enter a cafe and approach a table with a dad, his wife and daughter. The dad has just finished telling his girl something, to which, she has rolled her eyes. Then the bikers stop at the dad and the wife and daughter looked panicked. But they show the dad respect and he fist punches them back while recognizing and acknowledging them. The wife practically faints but the daughter suddenly has new-found respect for her seemingly geeky dad. And, is that commercial available for viewing online anywhere?
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I believe it's a commercial for a car rental company (Avis, maybe?) Sorry, I'm blocked from youtube at present location, so I can't find a link for you.
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no, no, no- not car rental, the guy bought a car, now I remember! That's why he's cool with the bikers because his new car put him in a "bad-ass" position. Now I'd have to guess Hyundai? Honda? Search car companies and you should find it.
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I could have sworn that it was a Suzuki commercial, but I can't find it. Still looking, though.
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To elaborate: I'm pretty sure the conceit of the commercial was that the dad had bought a car made by the same company that manufactured the biker's motorcycles. That would mean that it was either Honda or Suzuki, and I could have sworn that it was Suzuki. I'm still not coming up with anything, though.
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Although now that I think about it more, it might be that the guys aren't bikers at all, but tuner thugs, so it may not necessarily be a company that makes both bikes and cars. This is driving me insane.
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