Postal Address in Niagara Falls
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Postal Address In Niagara Falls, NY - I live in Toronto Canada and would like to have a postal address in Niagara Falls, NY. Some offerings (e.g.) free Amazon music downloads, (or buying songs from Amazon), rebates, etc. Of course I can provide identity - passport etc. Any ideas?

There is no problem opening a bank account in the US - they will issue me with a debit card, but it would be nice to build up a solid credit record in the US. Different question (sorry)


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Won't a p.o. box do it?

You can rent mailboxes at many post offices. Also, there might be a Mailboxes, Inc. (I'm not sure UPS delivers to Post Office boxes.)
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UPS Store? There appears to be one in Niagara Falls, NY.

I drove through the area a few years ago and I remember seeing businesses offering US addresses. I have no idea how to find them without going back, though.
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I'd suggest a UPS Store, search by zipcode such as 14301. I believe they all have mailboxes, forwarding, and you can arrange it by e-mail. The ones I've had it was just a matter of scanning my passport and driver licence, filling out a credit card authorization form, and the mailbox rental application which is typically a minimum of 3 months. The forwarding can be somewhat costly since they naturally use UPS, but is likely more convenient than driving from Toronto.
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this place has a huge billboard by the 190. No experience with them or anything, though.
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