Problem syncing Treo 600 with Mac
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I have a Treo 600. I was using Mac OSX Palm HotSync to sync the phone, and started to have some problems here and there. Went ahead and set up Apple's Isync to handle the task, and now my Palm "To Do" list does not sync in the process. Anyone know what gives or how to get my "To Do" to sync via Isync?
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Ruling out the basics: Your To Do items are a part of your iCal calendars, so if they've synced correctly they'll appear in iCal in the "To Do items" column (activated by the button with the pushpin at the bottom right). Check your iCal preferences and make sure both the "Hide To Do items" are unchecked and see if they turn up then.
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Response by poster: Mcwetboy: Thanks! That was it. Shweeet.
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