Who can arrange pet-transport from Kastrup?
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Does anyone know of an individual or organisation based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who can organise the transport of pets (specifically dogs and cats) from Copenhagen's Kastrup airport to the UK?
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Response by poster: Road/ferry transport of the pets from Denmark/Southern Sweden to the UK is also an option. Assume the animals in question have their EU 'passports' already.
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Response by poster: In case future searchers have similar questions:

- we didn't find anyone specialising in animal air transport from Copenhagen / Kastrup (the nearest major international airport to where we live in southern Sweden) - which is not to say there aren't any - it could be we just never figured out the right Danish terms to search on.

- we considered a service which would have done the transport by road to Stockholm and then by air from there to Manchester.

- we also considered a couple of road-transport services, before booking The Pet Transporter, whose usual itineraries take him from the UK back & forth to Iberia, but who is open too to trips elsewhere in Europe - his quote was in the same ball-park as the Stockholm-based outfit's.

- we're not actually travelling until the end of July, so I can't give any recommendation yet.
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Response by poster: Another quick follow-up: I can wholeheartedly recommend The Pet Transporter - he did an excellent job in moving our dog & cats from Sweden to the UK.
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