Where to get Yuengling in cans at room temp?
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Where can I procure Yuengling in cans at room temperature in Arlington, VA? (Failing that, in DC, along I-81 between Arlington and Abingdon, or along the DC to WV route of I-270 to I-70 to I-68 in Maryland?)

I'm journeying back to my home where Yuengling is widely held to be an exotic delicacy. I have accepted the responsibility of stocking our creek with beverages for the weekend's festivities.

It's got to be in cans, because we'll be carrying it around a farm in backpacks and nestling it among rocks to keep it chilled in the water of the same creek where there will be small children and our bare feet and other things incompatible with rocks and glass. I'd like it to be at room temperature because I won't be in possession of icy coolers until Friday.

The trip is about the same whether I take the northerly or southerly route, hence the flexibility in geography. I started to diligently visit every grocery store nearby but then I thought about the number of hours of my life already spent on oddly specific alcohol-related quests and couldn't decide whether to be ashamed or proud and then realized I really don't want to go to every grocery store in Arlington. Thanks in advance for helping me bring great joy to my friends!
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Best answer: I can't help you as far as locations, but you should know that it doesn't matter whether you buy it cold or room temp. Moderate changes in temperature aren't going to affect the quality - do you know how many times beer goes from warm to cold and back on its way from brewery to consumer?
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Call the Brickskeller in Washington DC and ask them who their distributor for Yuengling is. Or call the brewery itself and ask them which distributors they sell to in the Washington, DC area.
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Best answer: Since room temp doesn't matter, you can get it at any supermarket, just about. Try "Shoppers" or "Harris Teeter" on Route 1, both right around S. Glebe Rd.
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Best answer: I know I've seen cans of Yuengling at many/most grocery stores in Virginia. I think cans of Yuengling Light are slightly more common. Just do a google search, or whatever, for grocery stores near your location and call and ask. Or go. Unless somebody happens to remember which stores have cans. If nothing else, I'm almost 100% positive that the Total Wine and More in Landmark will have cans, and might be cheaper. (Their price list confirms it.) And if they're out of it, there's also a couple other NoVA locations. And, if you do decide you care about room temp, they should have big piles of it warm.
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Response by poster: Huh, the people with whom I've done most of my beer consumption over the years operate under a strict belief that Once the Beer Is Good and Cold, It Must Remain Good and Cold, and I had never questioned that. That makes perfect sense. Now I feel dumb.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks, the Harris Teeter and Shoppers aren't too far out of my way. I always go to Safeway and Giant where I've never seen the cans.
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Yuengling is actually now being distributed in West Virginia (FINALLY), so you should be able to pick it up wherever you're going. Unfortunately, people are really excited about it, so supplies are a bit on the low side, or so I've heard. But at least they don't have to drive to Pennsylvania anymore.
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Total Wine has a huge beer selection (i.e. they will have not only Lager but also B&T and Porter, maybe sometimes Premium, and the Light variants) and will be a few bucks cheaper if you're buying in quantity.
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I got some here about a month ago. Yes, in cans - but not room temperature. Not sure if they always have it, or if they just had it when I happened to stop in that day. But I remember because I was walking home to watch a Penguins game and saw the cans and had to get some.

The place is called Lilit Cafe. It's a little place that serves food mainly, but they sell beer/wine also. It's right off Old Georgetown Rd. in Bethesda. You could take the Old Georgetown exit off of 495, hit the store, then head back up Old Georgetown and pass the exit you got off and continue up a little farther to get on 270 North.
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