Old PSP Sending Up the Lego Bat Signal
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I'm having a firmware problem with a 1000-series PSP.

I have a "fat" 1000-series PSP. When I got it (used), it had firmware 1.50 and was 'ready for homebrew', but since at that time I only wanted the PSP to play 'Me and My Katamari', I upgraded the firmware in order to play it. All good.

Later, I hoped to send the video out to my TV and, finding that my PSP didn't have the 'Connected Display Settings' menu, I bought a Pandora battery and magic memory stick in an effort to change the firmware... changed it... THEN I realized that sending video out was simply impossible with the fat PSP. D'oh! But OK. The Katamari game still works. Now, the firmware is at 2.60.

Here is my problem: Today I bought 'Lego Batman', which wants to update the firmware to 4.05, but when trying to update, my PSP gives the error: "The system configuration of this PSP system does not appear to be correct. The update cannot be completed. Contact technical support for assistance. (DRNFFFFFFCD)"

I know that this is happening because of my efforts with the Pandora battery and magic memory stick. I have searched here and on Google about this, and have found a bewildering variety of answers and suggestions that don't all agree, as well as a lot of instructions that I am not certain apply to my old style PSP.

Please, can someone help with my specific problem? I have a long trip on Wednesday and I really want to play Lego Batman on the plane. Can it be fixed? Can you point me to helpful apps or good clear instructions that apply to my case? Many, many thanks.
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Best answer: Your best bet is to craft a Pandora's Battery that can get you updated to a later firmware, which is 3.71 M-33-2. From there, you can update to the latest firmware, 5.00 M33, which will allow you to play homebrew and backups, as well as your Lego Batman UMD. I have a PSP 1000 happily running this firmware.
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Response by poster: YES! Thank you so much, porn in the woods. I've got it on 5.00 M33 and it's working perfectly now. The Pandora battery I bought was fine, once I remade the magic memory stick using the EasyInstaller I found on the linked page. I still flailed around a little with the updates, but got there in the end.

Yay! A lot of lego things will be blown up, punched to pieces and bataranged all the way to Amsterdam thanks to you. Thanks again.
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