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Looking for an image of a kind of men's sweater I'd like to have made. It's a pullover, with straight rows, round neck, but with a 2-3 row ring where the shoulders meet the torso. I've only seen these in solid colors. The one I once had was heavy, water proof, warm and wonderful. I saw an image recently on the Net but failed to bookmark it correctly and cannot now find it. What I'm looking for is probably European, maybe British.
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Sounds like it might be a Guernsey (from the Channel Islands)
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Does it have a ring that goes all the way around the sweater or are there rings right where the arms inserts into the body of the sweater? idb is probably on to something. Guernseys are a classic British Isles sweater style. If the ring goes all the way around the shoulders, then you may be looking at a seamless yoke sweater (example)
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Patterned yokes are associated with Icelandic sweaters (and maybe other Scandinavian too?).
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Just to give you two more search terms, for solid-color sweaters knit in the UK with patterns of raised stitches:

Guernseys or Ganseys - This page has one with horizontal lines around the torso (from armpit to armpit) - is that what you mean?

Aran sweaters are another type of UK handknit in solid colors with raised stitch patterns.

Both have a variety of stitch patterns; shouldn't be hard to make a pattern for what you're after.
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