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Is there a distilling industry equivalent of

I'm an MS candidate in Food Science at the University of Illinois, and I think I'd like to go into brewing or distilling after graduation. I'd prefer not to work for Diageo or Pernod-Ricard or any other giant (something my department would be able to help me with), but it seems pretty difficult to scope out the job prospects at smaller outfits. Does anyone know if there is a distilling equivalent to, i.e., an industry resource with a strong jobs-available and such classified section? As far as I can tell, brewing, distilling, and the like tend to be somewhat insular disciplines, in-between blue- and white-collar, and they don't advertise on Craigslist or Monster. I just don't have the time to email every single microdistillery in the country to ask if they might be hiring.
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I know it's more of a suggestion than an answer, but Absinthe! Please help!
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