Any SoftChalk users out there?
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Does anyone have experience with the Softchalk web lesson software?

My employer (The Washington State Archives) wants to create an online certificate program in records management and we are looking for a way to put some simple lessons online. The requirements are that the system be fairly low-bandwidth (we have a lot of rural users), easy to use, that we host it ourselves, and that it be fairly cheap. There needs to be a system to administer online tests as well.

The person who would actually be creating the lessons has downloaded the Softchalk demo and really likes it, and has received permission to spend the $995 one-time fee to buy the software. I have been asked to see if there is something else she should consider before we pull the trigger. I have told her to check out Moodle.

Has anyone used Softchalk, or a similar system that we should consider?
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Response by poster: I should add that any of the "big" course management systems such as Blackboard would be overkill for us.
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I've used SoftChalk and WebCT/Blackboard together.

SoftChalk is a great program and I found it easy to use and easy to get great looking results. It is a course content design/development package.

Moodle, Blackboard, etc. are course management systems -- different critters. You can create content in them but it's not nearly as easy as SoftChalk. Generally, you create your content in SoftChalk and then export it into Moodle.
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A couple folks at my work used Softchalk to create some online tutorials and they were very happy with it. Users seem happy too.
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