Field trip memories for a chaperon?
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Leaving in just 10 minutes as a chaperon on a 4th grade field drip to a California Mission ... memorable things from your elementary school field trips? Songs on the bus? Activities? I'll give away a few coin cell flashlights, but beyond that I'm curious what the hive thinks might be fun to try!?! We're leaving at 8:45, but I'll only be able to check this computer for the next 10 minutes!
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Sing songs!
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Best answer: I remember the fun trips were ones when we got to actually DO stuff, rather than just walk around looking and listening.
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Best answer: Having a chaperone that would reasonably bend rules.
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Response by poster: Song suggestions? 1 hour bus ride each way, kids from Richmond, CA.
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I would say at that age I was way more interested in my classmates than anything else. Let them interact with each other (omg boys sitting with girls?!? exciting!) but keep an eye out for bullies and kids who seem to be getting excluded.
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Your role as a chaperone - the reason the teachers needed you - is to keep the kids safe and help them have a decent experience at the museum. It's not about you - let the kids interact, point out interesting things, see what the teachers need, and help them out. Facilitate, don't try to be the star attraction.
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This is one of the few times a young kid can spend (safe) time with an adult who's not a relative, so teach 'em stuff they won't learn at home: Card tricks, cracking knuckles, limericks, funny campfire-type songs (greasy grimy gopher guts, etc.) Also, get them lunch somewhere their parents would never take them: a greasy spoon, Mickey D's, or a vending machine.
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Response by poster: I should mention that the teacher is "Ms. Unclezeb" ;-)

And yes, it's about the kids and they'll get to play around, just wondering if there's some clever activity that folks really remember that my own court addled brain has ejected from memory.
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Response by poster: The bus is running late and I'm scanning mefi every couple minutes from the back of the class while the kids munch breakfast and line up - fun!

Here we go!


Thanks mefites!
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My best friend and I sat on the bus together and dreamed up new bosses for MegaMan. Our moms had packed us too much food, which we shared with each other. I remember the frosting on his chocolate cake - how it had stayed cool in his lunchbox despite the heat of being confined to a school bus in Texas in May.

I remember arriving at Natural Bridge Caverns and thinking, "Do we have to get off the bus? The bus is more fun than anything else we could be doing!" I spent the rest of the day looking forward to getting back on the bus.
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If you start singing on the bus, the driver will hate you.
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Response by poster: Back from the trip - there was no real singing, but the kids had a GREAT time playing around and they knew a TON about the Mission - the guide was impressed.

Thanks for all your help mefites!

Personal memory that flashed back - the smell of the rubber bus seat covers, also the smells of hastily packed lunches kept in backpacks while on the tour/exploring/etc.

My wife's students were so well behaved compared with my memories of how we acted. Great time for everyone, no injuries/emergencies, no whining, lots of happy kids, treated other visiting students really well ... very proud of them all and it was a great trip!
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