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Re-shaping bra cups. Has anyone ever had any success with this?

As in removing the ripples, creases, warping, deformities ect. that tend to develop (sometimes within a month or two!) in what were otherwise normal looking padded/tshirt style bras.

How can I fix this!! Water does not seem to enable the re-shaping process, at all. What does work?

(And as the much lesser part of my question - how can I prevent this?)
(Btw - I already handwash.)
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Steam can solve some problems but man, I would just blow the dough on more expensive bras. The difference in bra quality can be stunning for a few dollars more. The time it would take to do steam correction is better spent on more fun things.

Wrinkling and what I call material failure is usually due, as far as I have observed, to lesser quality material and/or sewing technique.
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I don't know how to fix them if they're already mangled, but in the future: if you machine-wash them, use a lingerie bag and warm or cold water, and hang them to dry instead of using the dryer.
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To prevent: Wash them by hand, without scrubbing or wringing them out. Don't store them by turning one cup inside the other, just lay them flat/open. I use Soak for washing and it keeps everything in good shape.
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My apologies, as I seem to have made this exact comment about 5 times, but are these by chance Victoria's Secret bras? Maybe Body by Victoria? They are notoriously poor quality and when I used to wear them, they fell apart quickly. The bands stretch out very fast also.

I would recommend anything by Le Mystere, Fantasie, or maybe Wacoal (don't wear them but I hear they are good). They all make lovely T-shirt bras with very nice coverage).

Since you already handwash, for prevention, I would recommend keep them flat in a drawer when not in use (never fold cup into cup, or allow the cups to cave in by piling other stuff on top). Also, rotate! Have 3 or 4, and wear each bra only every 3 or 4 days. Never the same bra two days in a row.
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I, too, gave up on Victoria's Secret because I was disappointed by the poor quality.

I also found that my bras fit better, lasted longer, and felt more "molded" to my body type when I got measured at a department store and realized I needed a new size (whodathunk?). The ones I buy now are Vanity Fair and Calvin Klein and I haven't had the wrinkly, creased, warping cup problem you describe since.
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Nthing getting fitted and buying better bras to begin with. I swear by Wacoal.
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Bra Baby. Wash them in the Bra Baby, let them dry for a bit in the Bra Baby, and then take them out of the Bra Baby and hang them over the shower-curtain rod, with the back fastening on the rod and the cups hanging down.
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