What is a great Biblical animation for kids
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Looking for a good animated Biblical DVD for my five year old.

My daughter loves a DVD called Prince of Peace by Vision Video and it was made in the year 2004. Are there any other good videos or DVD's from that company or another company that make great animated Biblical stories for youngsters?

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I'm guessing you already know about Veggie Tales...
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm looking more for actual Bible stories that come to life on the screen. This movie was a 3-D animation and it taught my daughter about Jesus' birth. I'm looking for something similar.

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I remember growing up with these videos from Nest Family Entertainment.
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I thought Dreamwork's Prince of Egypt was excellent.
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I second Prince of Egypt. Was quite awesome.
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Thirding Prince of Egypt. It's one of the best animated Bible stories that have been done in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can't quite recall a series of cartoons I grew up with, which involved a house or something that traveled back in time. The kids who lived in it would then meet or see events from the Bible. Perhaps someone else will know the title.
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Hanna-Barbera did series of shows about some archaeologists who get sent back in time and end up in various Old Testament Bible stories (maybe this is what Atreides remembers?) I loved them when I was a kid. Here's the Wikipedia page on the series. I can't figure out if it was ever released on DVD, but you may still be able to get the VHS version.
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Atreides, I've been trying to remember what that show was for years now! If I remember, there were two kids and a grandfather, maybe? And I think it was a light house. Possibly Anime?

Oh, yeah. This isn't a video, but Adventures in Odyssey is a stellar radio program! You can listen to a few episodes for free here. A
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I actually did door-to-door direct sales of the videos that litterateur linked to above. I think they are great. There are 12 Old Testament stories and 24 New Testament stories. I think they do a good job of staying close the the text of the Bible, but making the story easy for kids to understand. The major downside is that they are very expensive. The best way to buy them is to look for them on eBay. They sell for $25 each on the site linked to, but on eBay you can often find a complete set for more like 10-12 each.
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