Help me find a typing game with a particular feature.
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Help me find a typing game that requires you to hit "enter"

I'm looking for a typing game with a particular requirement.

I'm a student of court reporting, and I want to use a typing game to practice.

This is the problem:

Most typing games treat each keystroke as a separate event. Thus, if the game requires you to type "CAT" you will hit C-A-T and the game fires on each letter.

I need a game that would allow me to type the word and THEN hit "Enter" to fire the word. In other words, I want to fire words and phrases, not letters.

The problem is that machine shorthand types syllables, not letters. So, if you wanted to write "Catty" you would hit the keyboard twice Once for "KAT" and then for "TI". This confuses the typing games.

I hope that made sense.

It would be especially helpful if the game allowed you to customize your own words.
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Try test Twist on Yahoo games. Fhrases don't work, but you can enter words.
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I just found a little game that you might like. You type individual words to fire at enemies. On the easy setting, the words are short, so that might be very much like typing syllables. Doesn't allow you to add your own words, but it's fun.
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Best answer: Have you considered hiring a programmer to make the game for you. A game this simple shouldn't take long or cost much at all.
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Response by poster: What do you think a reasonable price would be?
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