Hiking and Camping in Keet Seal
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What information, advice and personal accounts can you give me regarding a hike into the Keet Seal site in the Navajo National Monument?

My girlfriend (20s) and her mother (50s) are planning a trip to Arizona this summer and have a reservation to hike into and camp at the Keet Seal site. Both are active joggers and in good shape, though neither are experienced hikers, or campers. They are concerned about the hike and trail conditions, markers, weather, and about camping in the desert and would like some more information about what it's like carrying their gear on this trail for an overnight stay and a hike back out.

They know it's an 8.5 mile hike in and out and that they probably couldn't do the round trip in one day and still explore the ruins, so they would like to camp at the site. Is this trek too much for novice hikers and first time campers? They'll have a car and can keep an emergency supply of food and water, and it's only one night of camping.

I have no experience with this site and little with desert camping so I can't tell them they they'll need X more water than the guides say, or that the trail is actually harder or easier than described, etc.

What's your advice and personal accounts of the trail? Throw it all at us.
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