Title of classic Mac game about getting drunk?
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Title of classic Mac game about getting drunk? It was European (maybe Danish or Swedish), and ran on System 6/7.

You sneak out of your room and walk around town, drinking beer bottles you find on the ground. The more drunk you get, the more you stumble. You also throw up if you get too drunk. Every so often your mom leaves the kitchen to check up on you, and you have to run home and jump in your window. This gets harder when you're stumbling all the time. There's also a woman on a boat, and if you're drunk enough, you grope her breasts. Has anyone heard of this classic game?
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I don't think this is it, but...Harry the Handsome Executive???
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No, Harry the Handsome Executive was an Ambrosia game that let you drive your Aeron type office chair around an office and use objects like soda cans from the soda machine as weapons. Loads of fun, and way newer than System 6/7. HtHE came out in 1995 or 96, I believe.

It could be some kind of clone of Leisure Suit Larry. I know there were many LSL games back in the late 80's/early 90's and many clones or rip-offs.

Can you give us more about the interface? Was it B/W only? Any color? Was it a mouse-driven game or text-based adventure, or some combination? Was it a Hypercard stack?
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Response by poster: The game had graphics (probably in color, but I'm not certain) and was a side-scroller where you moved your character left & right across town. It was split-screen, with your house always displaying on one, so you could see when your mother was walking out of the kitchen to your room holding her frying pan. I don't remember the input, but I assume it was keyboard. It was not hypercard.
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I have this somewhere on a a virtual machine on a keychain drive. I love this game.

I cannot remember the title, either, but it's B&W. Not HyperCard. The bottom quarter of the screen is your house, with your desk on the right and your mom in the kitchen on the left. You climb out the window and go to the top 3/4 of the screen, which is a series of outdoor scenes [walk off the edges and go to the next, etc.].

The "world" is littered with beer bottles, which you can drink. There are three bar graphs, one tracking your "buzz", one your injury level, and one how badly you have to pee. If any gets too high, you die. In one scene, there are branches falling that you have to avoid. This scene holds the urinal at which you must pee. If a cop catches you doing so, he'll hit you over the head with his nightstick. In one scene, a guy on a balcony is throwing bottles at you. In the last scene, there's a girl in a fountain. Kissing her reduces your injury bar.

Periodically, mom comes to check on you, and if you're not at your chair when she touches your bedroom door she comes outside and starts throwing frying pans at you.
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Response by poster: It wasn't quite a ripoff of Leisure Suit Larry, because it had a very simple premise, strictly centered around getting drunk. You walked around and drank beer - the more you drank, the more you stumbled. If you got too drunk, you threw up, and stumbled too often to get home before your mother discovers you're gone. I also remember that every time he chugged a beer bottle, he threw the bottle down and broke it.

The game I had was not translated, so I couldn't understand the European language text in the game.
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Best answer: Found it. DubbelMoral.

I guess there was a color version. I've only got the B&W version.
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You can see a few b/w screenshots here and it looks like you can download the OS7 color version from this page.
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