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So... I may be going on television...

There is a chance that I will be going on University Challenge (College Bowl for you Americans) in the next month or so. So I need the most bad-ass awesome T-shirt to wear. Can I buy an AskMefi shirt? Also any other tips you want to send my way would be well received!
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You can get this comic printed on a t-shirt at the XKCD store.
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Not all dreams can come true. Works out double plus good if you don't actually end up on TV.
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I think a Jeremy Paxman t-shirt would do nicely.
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How about an Undertones "My Perfect Cousin" shirt? (You know: "he thinks that I'm a cabbage / 'Cos I hate University Challenge!")
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This shirt reflects a popular MeFi sentiment.

Also, a tip: Be sure to use the restroom before the show begins.
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Things Are Gonna Turn Around.
I think that is the third Cat and Girl link I've posted in, I dunno, 2 weeks. Weird.
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I am in the UK and I have a Metafilter shirt kicking around, if you want it to wear on TV then I'll send you it. I don't think you can buy them these days.
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easy winners:

from hark a vagrant

from natalee dee and others
I recommend "koala farts"
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Oh this a trove! I have never seen more awesomeness in a single thread! I should buy them all. Keep em coming.
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Oh, televised quiz bowl. I remember the days...

This was in the link that mrmojoflying kindly provided, but I will say again just in case you don't read it: talk to the producers and make sure your chosen shirt is an appropriate color! Depending on how they do the lights / set background, you could totally blend in, or, worse, get green screened!

As for shirts, I am partial to the Team Zissou shirts. Link is to the European online store.
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It's fun to use learning for evil. Seems appropriate for an academic event.
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Teach the controversy!

...or this one is less subtle. If you like science you should explore that site, there's some slightly nerdy comedy gold on there.
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Hyperbole is the best thing ever!

TorsoPants are also good (I'm not going to link to tshirthell)
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You need a Tee that's gonna make money for you, not for someone else.


Come up with a word or phrase of your own (I suggest something with "fustian" in it).

Buy the domain name.

Set up an account wherever one sets up an account for quickie Tees (which, incidentally, can also contain fustian).

Kick ass on the show.

Retire to Barbados.
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If you feel like if you "Survived the Bush Administration" this shirt would be GREAT. I wore it once in Orlando , FL and got seven different people come up to me in one day to tell me how much they liked it...
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I meant ...and had... NOT ...and got...
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Hmm, I thought you generally wore a University-branded shirt. Apparently not (in short: even if you're punk, University Challenge folks don't approve of wearing medals you didn't earn)

There are other good Cat & Girl shirts, like Liminal State Bobcats, and Chinese is not my Native Language.

Of course, there's Threadless, though I don't know how badly you get dinged for shipping to the UK. There are plenty of area of study-specific shirts and similar (Gelolgy 'n' Physics: the original rock 'n' roll, Plot, it builds character, 'Nerds 2² Ever, etc)
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There are some really incredible and memorable shirts, many of them with full edge-to-edge designs, at The Imaginary Foundation.
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I would warn you though that being as it's the BBC you probably won't be allowed anything a) vaguely controversial or b) regarded as advertising.

It was on a different channel, but when I was on 15 to 1 back in the 90s, there was quite a list of stuff we weren't allowed to wear. Nothing with slogans, nothing with clearly visible branding, nothing with very thin stripes (because of strobing), nothing pure white (because that saturates the cameras under the studio lighting).
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Would something referencing Scumbag College be too obvious?
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Just to update...

I went though the audition process and we were not selected for the final stages of the show. However I do now have some awesome Y-Shirts to buy!

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