Does anything help to get 'un-high' off of legal medicinal marijuana and be more alertly functioning soon?
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Does anything help to get 'un-high' off of legal medicinal marijuana and be more alertly functioning soon?
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I like to drink some coffee. A nap also works wonders. You might also want to think about abstaining if you have to be alert and functioning soon. (gasp!)
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My inclination is to say no, not really.
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Try and substitute with a really strong cigarette, smoke less, or just smoke some afterwards.
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I find food usually does it for me. Goes like this:

smoke weed
be stoned
get munchies
be less stoned

lather, rinse, repeat.

And I wonder why I've been gaining weight...
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Honestly, eat tons and tons. Then take a bit of a nap. Eat some more. Drink, I guess. Eat. Take a pee!

I mean, do all the things you clearly want to do.

Or don't smoke it unless you have lots of free time, really. It's a sort of relaxation sort of situation. You don't take a quick smoke of that before you run off and save the world.
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eating and showering are the way to go.
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Many people have found that they get sleepy after they eat. The order should be:

eyedrops (they really help)

(also, don't try to act sober. They'll know!)
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Have you tried tapering off your dosage slightly? There should be a tolerance effect if you're dosing regularly, and anecdotal reports, at least, indicate that the medicinal effects should kick in at lower doses than the psychoactive effects.

You're serious about the medicinal part, right?
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Smoke more? Seriously, if you're smoking medicinal marijuana (which I always thought had high levels of THC around 21%) only once a week... no wonder you can't function. If you're doing it every two hours your ability to function greatly increases.

There is no way known to prevent the reception of THC by the cannaboid (sp?) receptors. It would be very interesting if someone could find a way to selectively block certain cannaboid receptors, the ones that create the stoned feeling. I'm highly doubting this is possible.

I have friends who swear by the dextra-amphetimine (sp? again) method, which I would not advocate. It makes sense that it would work. Actually it should equal itself out, with the energetic, ultra-focusing of d-amphetamines versus the lethargic, stonedness of marijuana.

Actually, you might ask the doctor for a prescription of Adderall if it doesn't interact with whatever condition you have. Of course amphetamines are somewhere in the range of 10000x more dangerous than anything a cannabis plant could muster. And balancing out your life with drugs is not a good cycle. It'd be interesting to see if any doctor would recommend this, or even if a grad student would study the effectiveness.
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Build up a tolerance by smoking more often. Also, by exposing yourself to it more, you'll get used to functioning while high. This reminds me of the joke, "The reason people get into drunk driving accidents is because people don't learn how to drive drunk."
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CB1 Antagonist about to hit the market...

This is what you're looking for, really.
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My advice is to smoke lots, frequently. Always be stoned. Eventually, you will become used to being stoned and those around you will become acclimatized to the new you - slightly less focused, but more calm and pleasant. Works for me, anyways...
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I'll second what people above are saying; it's a matter of being used to being stoned, I think. When you're high, you /think/ you're going to be incapable of functioning, but if you actually get down to it, you tend to be alright. Especially true with music and art, etc.

I guess it doesn't help, but trauma can really clear your head in a hurry. So if you can figure out some way to get your adrenaline moving, you'll be quite a bit more lucid.
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Overgrow has the most excellent forums for this sort of thing. The community has some very smart and informed people who can help you on any marijuana-related topic. The medical marijuana contingent will surely be able to provide invaluable advice.
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I strongly recommend Overgrow. Signup is free and secure: I have never heard of anyone having problems with spam, ratting-out, or etc. (It operates in Canada, so there's no real ability for any authorities to get private info from them.)

There is a strong medical-use community there, and there are some very smart and informed people who can help you on any marijuana-related topic. I am absolutely certain that you will receive far better information from them than you will from AskMe.
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FFF, check mail.
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Eating is really the key here. THC is fat soluble, so if you eat some high-fat foods (the kind of stuff you crave when you're high anyway, like Doritos and such) it will help your body process the THC faster. Napping/coffee are both excellent suggestions as well. And smoking more, well, that's just good advice no matter what.
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For some reason it looks like my earlier post was deleted... Not sure why or if I'm just imagining things. To answer your question though, do a google search for "vasopressin" - it'll do exactly what you're looking for. You might need to lie to your doctor to get some or but thru an online pharmacy, but I'd say it's safe.
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