Pretty Pretty dress, please be shorter
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I need recommendations for someone to alter a very expensive gown (to be worn for a wedding) somewhere in New York City (& S. Brooklyn).

I've looked through past queries that don't exactly match my criteria. Basically, I have a dress with 3 layers of fabric that I'll be wearing for a wedding, but its not a bridesmaid dress, specifically. Its an expensive designer gown, and although I paid a lot for it, I'd prefer to not pay the same amount to have it altered. Does anyone know of someone in the city, or in Park Slope/Carroll Gardens who can do this for me?
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Where did you buy it? The store might offer alterations, or know of a person that has done good work for them in the past. If they don't, New York Magazine does a "Best of" issue every few years that includes tailors.
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Stanton Tailors. On Stanton. The place is a hole-in-the-wall but they do amazing work with even the most exquisite clothes. Look at the bags other customers are bringing their clothes in to give you an idea.
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