Paying for the show, not the parking
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How to attend a concert at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto without paying $25 for parking? Is there a cheaper place to park or an easy & safe TTC route?

I'm planning to attend a concert at the amphitheatre this summer. I've only been to one other show there, last year, and I paid $25 to park across the street at Ontario Place. It wasn't really unexpected, but I'd like to avoid that additional expense if I can this time.

I've taken the subway and streetcar plenty of times, but never a TTC bus - and I believe only busses go down that far, right? I'll be going home alone at night after the show finishes, and I'm a little nervous about the idea of taking the bus alone at that time. I'd prefer to park somewhere relatively close (I'm ok with walking for a bit) but not pay $25. Any ideas?

If it helps, I'll be coming from the west end.
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If you sit up front near the driver, you will be fine on any TTC bus. Be sure to double-check the "blue" night route schedules if you think you will be later than 1:30 AM.
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Don't be nervous about walking "alone": you'll be part of a huge, loose wave of people walking out and up to the street and various TTC stops.

This page lists the available streetcars (509 from Union Station and the 511 from Bathurst Station). Both of these mean a short walk to and from the CNE grounds but, again, there are lots of people around.

Where are you in the west end? Are you concerned about the TTC because of where you'll end up after leaving the show?
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After a concert at the ampitheatre, you'll be taking the bus with thousands of other concert goers - not 'alone'. Big happy crowds are really safe in comparison to being by yourself at night.

Most of the people attending that concert will likely take the TTC. Just follow the crowds, and relax.

(Oh, and fyi: the only reason its a bus and not a streetcar is that the tracks are under repair.)
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Could you take the GO train? The GO will take you right to Exhibition and you could just leave your car in the parking lot of the GO station you start from.
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One factor that makes a bit of a difference is whether the concert is before or during the CNE. Parking is more limited during the CNE, and more expensive, but transit is also more of a hassle, because you have to kind of go around the CNE grounds to get from transit stops to Ontario Place. If the CNE isn't on, you can probably park on the CNE grounds, near the Direct Energy Center / BMO field for less than $25.
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TTC also has a 'request stop' program where if you are traveling at night, you can ask the driver to let you off between stops if it will get you closer to your destination.
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