Professional de-cat-dandering
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Professional services to help de-cat-dander a house?

I am very allergic to cats and have bought a house previously occupied by one. I plan to quickly replace the carpets and scrub every surface. The thought occurs to me that companies specialize in cleaning the air in moldy houses (I think sealing rooms, and using big fans with good filters to dilute the evil humors), and might be useful to me.

Oh hive mind: have you ever hired a firm that specializes in removing mold to help de-cat a house? What did they do? Do you have suggestions regarding other professionals that could help me rapidly de-cat a house?
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You could also get the ducts and furnace cleaned, and change the air filters in the furnace. I'm also crazy allergic to cats, so I'll be watching the answers here with great interest.
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wow did I scare everyone off? sorry!
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Hmm. Well here's my partial answer: from a couple of people who do cleaning / restoration of messed up houses: industrial vac every surface, antimicrobial scrub every surface, all while a big sucking machine is running in the house. (Along with the obvious things like replacing carpets, cleaning ducts, etc.)

And yes, I am also afraid of 5_13_23_43_69_666.
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