French speaker in Quebec?
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Is there a quebecois on line who would be willing to speak via Skype in order for me to get used to the Quebecois accent before I go on a field trip?

I'm looking for a native French speaker in Quebec who would be willing to speak via Skype once or twice in order for me to practice certain expressions and whatnot before going on a field trip.

If anyone knows of a Quebec radio station where they speak in French all day long that would be great as well (not of the CBC variety, but the talk variety where people just speak the language as they would in the street).

Evidemment, j'aurais pu écrire ce message en français, mais j'imagine que ça va être assez clair quand même. Je suis à la recherche d'un québecois ou québecoise avec qui je pourrais parler sur Skype pendant une ou deux scéances afin de m'habituer à l'accent québecois avant de faire un voyage d'études. Merci infiniment.

Si on connaît une radio québecoise sur laquelle on n'entend que le français utilisé quotidiennement au Québec ça m'aiderait aussi.

Merci infiniment.
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Best answer: You can try CHRC, a Québec City sports-talk station, or CKAC in Montréal. These should get you up to speed on local small talk as well, I guess.
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Response by poster: Wow, those two radio stations are perfect. Thanks so much. If you know of any others like that, please pass them along.
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AM690 Montreal is also a good choice, and it keep repeating itself throughout the day so could be good to study our accent!
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CKOI has Quebecois and good tunes too. For other stations in Montreal just do a google on "Montreal musique" or "radio universite" and you will be set.

How about watching TV on the web? You could YouTube La Petite Vie, Rock et Belles Oreilles, La Famille Plouffe, Quelle Famille, Lance et Compte (if you watched He Shoots He Scores you're already familiar with the story) Virginie, etc....
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If you have time and Netflix then maybe you can check out Bon Cop, Bad Cop. It's a buddy cop movie that's half in English and half in French. Les Boys is film series that spawned a tv series.
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I massively recommend picking up the Dans un Galaxie... movies, a big Quebecois hit based on a popular funny TV series. Watch them with subtitles to help you fill in the gaps (the subtitles are not always literal, often english equivalents for humorous expressions, but that works for understanding too).

And they are funny as all hell and worth watching just for that anyhow.

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2
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