How can Mediawiki and my Extranet share users?
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I've created a wiki running on our Dreamhost account, using Medawiki. I would like it to exist on our Extranet with one log-in for both.

Right now users log-in to our extranet (hosted on our crm/cms system -- sort of like salesforce) and then I'd like for them to follow a link to the wiki and have them be logged into it already.

We currently do this for 2 other homebuilt (by consultants) apps that we use, by passing the email address in the URL of the logged in person to that homebuilt app. It's not the most secure, but I'm happy to do it this way for our wiki too, but can't figure it out.

Our crm/cms solution does have an open api. It's running on SQL and can spit out xml, csv, and such.
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Is the wiki on the same domain? You could have one application create a cookie and the other one read it.
posted by odinsdream at 12:10 PM on May 28, 2009

No, not on the same domain unfortunately.
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Thought I'd follow-up: I solved this with a developer friend. Indeed, there was an authentication plug-in for MediaWiki that he was able to use to pass the user info to the db. If an account existed, it let them in - if one did not, it created one.
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