What looks like a clarinet but is not?
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What musical instrument looks like a clarinet but has a tiny thin reed?

Just trying to write a caption for a picture. Forgot to ask the musician what the heck it was he was playing. Looks just like a clarinet (black body with silver keys), but instead of a saxophone-sized flat reed, he's blowing into a cigarette shaped reed. The instrument is straight, and about the same size or perhaps a bit longer than the standard clarinets we had in high-school band.

Tried some googling without much luck. Help me Hive-Mind!
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Yep, oboe.
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Wow, that was easy. I probably should have know that. Thanks!
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I'm going to buck the trend and claim that it's an English Horn. :)
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See also: English Horn.

It's a double-reed, incidentally.
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English horn and oboe both have double reeds, so it could be either. However, an english horn has a small curved metal tube that the reed goes on. The oboe has a reed that goes straight into the horn. So that might be a way to tell the difference.
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Also, the English horn often has a potbellied bell, whereas the oboe's is straighter. Thusly.
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