Couples bonding... or (?)
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I'm looking for books and articles about (for back of a better term) "couples bonding" - the way in which couples befriend other couples and reinforce one another's relationships through social interaction and emotional bonding. Is there a real term for this? Are there any folks who have written about this that aren't too pop-psych?
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you might want to recategorize this under writing and language (instead of human relations)...?
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Response by poster: My question isn't about the term, though, but about the phenomenon.
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I saw something about this in one of those Psychology Today-type magazines, I believe a May 2009 edition. You could check a book store for the article and see if they allude to any experts. I was in a doctor's waiting room, so I only skimmed it really quickly before they called me.
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I think what you're refering to is called "having friends" ?
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