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What warm, relaxing, beach destination (probably in Europe) do you recommend that will be easily accessible from Dublin via RyanAir (or other low-cost carrier) this coming September?

Honeymooning in Ireland for a month, but we wouldn't mind jutting off to a warmer locale for a few days if the price is right. What do you suggest?
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Check out the Fare Buzz section of Whack in your starting airport, and select the area of the world you think might be nice and warm, plus max fares, and it'll generate you a load of options. I don't think it includes Ryanair, but since they are a nightmare to fly with and not worth the zillions of extras they tack on to make up for their artificially low prices, doesn't really matter.

I just did a search for 'European cities' and you can get a return flight to Alicante or Barcelona for £101 from Dublin, for example.
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To clarify: I know how to find cheap flights; I am more interested in specific location recommendations, rather than the emphasis on particular methods of getting to said location.
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Croatia. Although most of their beaches are stone, the water/scenery is unbelievable. I believe there is one famous sand beach (in the shape of a crescent) that is a major destination, although I can't remember the name of it. I was in Dubrovnik and surrounding coastal areas in early May and although the water was chilly I was in heaven in that crystal clear, deep blue Adriatic water. Once you get used to laying your towel on rock rather than sand it is unbeatable.

Then there is the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Never been there myself but have friends who swear by it.
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Looks like Ryanair is flying to Faro, Portugal from Dublin, though I can't see how often those flights are. Faro is a short bus ride away from Lagos, which is warm and beautiful.
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Looks like RyanAir goes to Marseille. Not quite as warm in Sept. as in July & Aug (you probably wouldn't want to be there then anyway, though), but it's still a beautiful mediterranean city. I also know people who have had excellent luck driving east along the coast towards Monaco and just finding a small-ish place. Probably more relaxing than actually being in Marseille.
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IF you can find a cheap flight (don't ask me) I recommend Turkey. It's beautiful and a bit cheaper than most of Europe.
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Biarritz, France I've always wanted to go there. Supposedly its popular for surfing so there's probably some budget accomodations aimed at young surfer travelers.
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You should check out what Aer Lingus have to offer as well. Often as cheap as Ryanair, and much more polite. And they fly to loads of places.

Today, for example, they have Barcelona round trip in September for €66.12, if you fly midweek.
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Try Benidorm, Spain. It's a very unusual place that looks incredibly futuristic. There was a mayor there who tried to revamp the place in such a short time. It's on the ocean. A lot of British tourists, depending on the season.
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Alghero, Sardinia. There are Ryanair flights from DUB. In september it's warm, yet not very crowded, so you can probably get good deals with hotels or resorts. Great beaches and cliffs, a nice, lively town with excursions on the side.
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