Help me pick some awesome Bachelor Party Bars/Lounges in New York City!
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Bachelor Party Help! What are some ideal Bachelor Party outing bars/lounges in New York City? I'm the Best Man for my brother's wedding next month. I'm planning a Bachelor Party and I've never done this before. My brother is a little bit older, (he's 40), so it's not going to be that classic Tom Hanks affair at a strip club etc. The night will be comprised of 2 halves, an everybody dinner out Hoboken then a night out on the town. Right now I'm considering the first place to be the Brass Monkey ( but I really need at least 2-3 other bars in the City that would be great. Help!
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Some more info on what your brother is in to would be helpful. Is he a whiskey/beer/wine snob? Does he just want to get hammered? Interested in live music? Etc.
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I went to NYC for my Bachelor Party and I had the best time at the Red Lion watching an Amish punk rock cover band.
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Well, since you got the Brass Monkey idea from me, allow me to chime in with a few more options.

My most regular bar, which is great from Hoboken because its a block from the Christopher Street Path station, is EO (cross Hudson and its halfway up the block from Christopher on the east side of Hudson). Its a smaller bar, crowd is 25-35ish, might be a bit on the younger side for you. Great music, fun, small very NY scene. Look for the fortune teller in the front window if you're having trouble finding it.

Chumleys, in the West Village, is also a fun place to check out. I also enjoy Little Branch - another not-so-easy to find bar in the neighborhood.

Where did you decide on for dinner, out of curiosity?
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Best answer: Doh. Nix Chumleys, I forgot they closed (I think - so I heard at any rate).

To make up for that, I give you the 50 best party bars, and the 13 best bars in NYC. As voted by not me.
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Response by poster: Well my brother is exactly 40. He's not a wine/whiskey snob. Decent beer is what he likes, Stella Artois, that Weissen something german beer lol. He likes live music and while isn't into strippers/strip clubs a bar where there are a lot of hot women. Live music or not, somewhere that's just a great time.
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He likes Belgian Beer? Jeez, how about a Belgian Beer Bar? (warning, crowded)
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