How can I import a lot of links into Firefox?
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Is it possible to import large amounts of links into Firefox as bookmarks?

I have over 2000 web links on my hard drive that I would like to add to my Firefox bookmarks - is there a way to import them all at once, rather than manually opening them and pressing ctrl + D?

It is possible to drag a group of selected links into the bookmarks manager, but it ignores the title of the link. I also already have the links sorted into folders, so it would be ideal if they could just all be dragged in and remain in their folders.

I'm using Firefox 3.0.10 on Windows XP if that makes any difference. Thanks!

Bonus question: Is there a downside (performance wise) to having a large amount of bookmarks in Firefox? I won't be keeping all of them, but I already have a lot as it is.
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There is a procedure here, but I'm not sure it will keep the folder structure.
I'm don't know if 20000+ bookmarks would slow down Firefox, but I have a little less than 1000 and I don't see any slowdown.
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Best answer: What about dragging them into the IE Favourites folder and then using the Import feature in Firefox? Would that work?
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if for some reason you are unable to import ie favorites into firefox delicer will sync the folder with delicious. the delicious add-on for firefox is quite good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help everybody!

IanMorr: I feel dumb for not thinking of that, but it works beautifully. Thanks!
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Not quite an answer but something helpful nonetheless - Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) is a pretty rad ad-on for browsers that syncs your bookmarks between browsers/machines and keeps an online backup at their website.
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