Recommendations on a new IDE to remotely edit PHP files?
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Recommendations on a new IDE to remotely edit PHP files?

I've been using Eclipse for several years with the PHP Dev Tools (PDT) and Remote System Explorer (RSE) plugins. My current install is Eclipse 3.3 and PDT 1.0.3. Our server is Linux, and we're using Subversion with dev and trunk builds.

Recently, though, my install has gone downhill. It's started randomly adding in Windows line breaks at the end of all the lines, and one of my coworkers who uses sees ^M everywhere. The RSE plugin was caching files, so I ended up accidentally overwriting one of my coworker's edits.

Point is that my Eclipse install isn't working for me anymore, and I can't find anything better out there. I've tried Eclipse 3.4 with PDT 1.0.3 and RSE 3.1M7, Eclipse 3.5 with PDT 2.x and RSE 3.1M7, and nothing works. Code Assist doesn't work anywhere in RSE for me, and everything just seems to be.. not right. I tried the new NetBeans (6.5.1) and it doesn't allow you to edit files remotely; it just lets you build onto a server.

So does anyone have a recommendation on a better IDE? I need some type of code completion for comments and PHP functions, and I need to be able to use that remotely, preferably through SSH.
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The Zend Studio is cross-platform, sports great code completion, and works over FTP, SFTP, and FTP over SSL.

I've used it happily for years.
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Ugh. I see v6 of Zend Studio is built on Eclipse, which a) I don't use and b) is giving you problems.

I prefer v5.5:
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It might be a bit overkill for what you need it for, but if you were willing to look at NetBeans, I highly recommend looking at IntelliJ. We use it for our corporate applications (all j2ee) and the plugin community for it is fantastic.

It's not technically free, but it is for all intents and purposes. You can get an IDEA license for 30 days online, and just keep reactivating it. It also has a built-in IM client that can talk to Jabber, which is cool for collaborating on projects. You can even share stack traces while debugging. It's mostly aimed at the Java folks (it's written in Java, natch) but fully supports a wide range of other languages, frameworks, application servers... you name it.

I don't work for IDEA, by the way, I'm just another one of the sad throng of IntelliJ addicts.
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Emacs will do what you need! It's probably already installed too, if you're using Linux.

What? No, really, I'm serious...
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UltraEdit by IDM
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I've been using Activestate Komodo for years to edit remote files over SSH or SFTP. Works great and it can also do remote debugging. It's not free, though.

There is a free version of it called Komodo Edit. Apparently, it can also edit remotely.
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