Fractal Explorer for the Mac?
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When I had a PC I was addicted to Fractal Explorer. Now I have Mac, what similiar Fractal generation software can I use?
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Fractals rock.

Fractal Domains is a cheap ($20) fractal explorer for OS X that also handles orbit traps, which I happen to have a fascination with. Its' interface is closest to what you are familiar with based on what I found.

There is a list of Mac friendly fractal exploration software at Xah's Great Math Programs. Read the descriptions carefully; a lot of this software is old/not maintained.

Only slightly related, but of possible interest to anyone interested in fractals on the Mac, is fractal terrain generation software. Anyone who dabbled with Bryce might be interested in Artmatic Voyager, which is Mac only terrain/planet generation software created by one of the original Bryce programmers, Eric Wenger.
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FTX Saver is also worth a look, as is Dean Dauger's Fresnel Diffraction Explorer.
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I don't know if the plugin is available for the Mac, but Kai's Fractal (Power) Toolkit for Photoshop (now owned by Corel, sadly) has some of the greatest fractal generation technology around. At least, it did a few years ago.
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Fracture is ostensibly a screensaver, but it generates some of the most gorgeous fractal imagery I've ever seen. It's highly configurable and controllable.
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