I want to play in a fountain.
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playing in fountains and other alternative entertainment (in/near RI)?

it's summer, and i want to go splash around in some fountains. but i don't know of any good ones (especially the ones with multiple spouts out of the ground). got any recommendations? any other RI/MA-specific alternative activities are welcome as well (and yes, i have read related posts).
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Are you looking for a water park or a splash park? The things with multiple jets coming out of the ground are often called splash pads. Around here (Michigan) lots of county parks are installing splash pads.

Google finds me Water Wizz. There's also Yawgoo Valley. Neither of them mentions splash pads; Water Wizz just mentions ginormous slides.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, one resource might be a "Family Fun in Rhode Island" type book. We have one for Michigan that goes county-by-county and includes things like county parks with splash pads, that aren't likely to make it onto "destination" websites. Your local library will have copies of such things.
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If you happen to be in NYC, the Washington Square fountain re-opened last week after being completely re-built and it's very splashable.
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What about the big fountain at the WWI memorial in Providence, right next to the river at College Street? One spout only, true, but I do know people who have jumped in and they give it good reviews, by and large.
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wait...what was I on? There's no fountain there! I know there's one downtown in Providence somewhere around there...
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Response by poster: i'm betting near kennedy plaza?

yeh i wasn't sure if that one was too populated to use without disturbing authorities...
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