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Critter identification filter: Anyone know what kind of snake this is?

It's the second time I've seen a snake in this location on our patio. What kind of snake is it? What can I do to make sure I never see one there again? I really don't care how harmless it is, they really creep me out.

I'm in NW Austin, Texas.

another pic
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It looks like it could be a Central Texas Whip Snake:
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Black-necked garter snake?
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Beaten to the punch...
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Best answer: Looks like a Eastern Blackneck Garter to me.

As for getting rid of him.. you could try the suggestions here:
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It looks like a checkered garter snake to me. Not harmless. Not sure what you can do to guarantee that you never see another one.
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Not harmful I meant...

Sorry for the confusion. If it's a garter snake, it is not venomous & not harmful.
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Aw Strumpf- I was all excited to see the venomous garter snake.
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Best answer: I was just at Tractor Supply the other day (in Bastrop, but I bet Callahan's or one of the other feed stores will have it too) and saw some snake repellent that was clove, cinnamon, and some other essential oil in a sulphurous-and-something-else base.

Like this! Snake Stopper. Perhaps Lowe's or Home Depot would have it, too. I can't vouch for it, but it's worth a try.
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Best answer: Here is a great page on the easter blackneck garter snake.

You are fairly well centered in the northern range of the snake, and the picture is a dead match, so it is almost certainly what you saw.

Seconding that this snake is completely harmless, and won't bother you, and will slither away if it sees you. If you should get bitten, generally it will just feel like a firm pinch, nothing serious. No danger to children beyond the firm pinch, i/e not germ or disease carriers.

They do eat mice so they are somewhat of a benefit to have around the house. Snakes are largely misunderstood, and far too many beneficial snakes get killed out of ignorance. I am glad you want to repel it rather than kill it, good for you.
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let it be and enjoy it..
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I just put out a sulfur based fungicide that is supposed to repel snakes, bought it at the local ace. It smells awful, but that means it working (or so I like to believe).
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