Programming a gaming keypad.
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I have a nostromo n52 gamepad for my XP gaming computer and can't figure out WHAT to program each key to do for games. Can someone tell me what they have programmed the keys to do (run, jump, shoot) and their location and why that key is good? Please tell me what game you have this configuration for (fallout, guild wars, battlefield 2142, etc). Especially helpful if you actually have a configuration file for me.
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I had one of these. I also have the earlier G15 programmable game keyboard. I mostly programmed macros for buffing teammates in City of Heroes (an MMORPG). Buffs in CoH are short lived (3-4 minutes is common) and need to be applied frequently. I never found any other use for the keys even though it seemed like a good idea. The biggest problem was I had to move my hands away from the main keyboard which I need to communicate. If I was an avid FPS player I'm sure I could think of something.
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This was my World of Warcraft setup on my old n52 before I moved to a g13:

1 to 0, -, and = as the first 12 keys for primary action bar
WASD as the thumb pad for movement and strafing
CTRL as the wide button below the thumb pad for a secondary action bar (1 to =)
ALT as the red button for self casting
SHIFT as the click of the n52 mousewheel for a third action bar (1 to =)
n52 wheel and down as zoom in/out
the remaining two n52 keys were jump and target's target

I also used a 5 button mouse where:

left click and right click were as normal
middle click was also action bar 1 button 1
mousewheel up/down was nearest target/previous target
mouse 4 was directly select target in my unit frames
mouse 5 was also another SHIFT
mouse 4 and mouse 5 together set my focus target.

this is complicated, so if I can clarify anything or you have any questions let me know.
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I used N52 for WOW as well. First two rows of keys were for 1 to =. Last few I programmed at Alt+1,2,3, etc. I bound the ctrl key to a mouse button (so I could do ctrl+keys on n52). I used the d-pad as movement. (oh and the big button "state select" as ctrl+tab? for friendly targeting [priest]) The only unique thing about my setup was probably the scroll wheel. I used backwards scroll for jumping, forward scroll for shielding myself (mounting out of combat). It was just easier to run+jump using the d Pad plus frantically scrolling backwards.
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