Help me remember this great website of medical school application experiances...
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Does anyone know of this certain website that allowed people to share their medical school application results?

A friend of mine is doing the whole medical school application process thing and to help them out I wanted to point them to this specific website I vaguely recall.

I remember stumbling upon it a couple of years ago. It was essentially a form where people posted their application results (Name of school, accepted/rejected, date of notice, etc.) and also their personal particulars (Age, degree, GPA, MCAT score, experience, etc.) and a small blurb about how their application process went.

For the life of me I can't find it again. I remember it might of had "MD" in the domain name and had a brownish palette (of course that would have been around 2 years ago).
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Are you talking about student doctor?
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Best answer:
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