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What video sharing website has the 'cleanest' looking embeddable video player which has less branding on it than say YouTube or Daily Motion? It would be a plus if it had a "HD" video option.
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Response by poster: An example could be blip.tv.
posted by nam3d at 12:45 PM on May 25, 2009

vimeo isn't too bad - it doesn't advertise similar videos when yours has finished playing (like youtube does). Accepts 720p HD (H264) videos and allows for downloads of the original upload, if you want to do so.
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I'd also suggest vimeo; easy to use, clean, embeddable, and no screaming branding.
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Best answer: My vote is for vimeo as well. On top of its good-looking interface, they let you post the original (uncompressed) file for download.
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Best answer: You can embed HD with Vimeo Plus, if you'd be willing to pay.
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Response by poster: vimeo looks good, any others?
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Yahoo! Video presents: how to embed videos. (Nice and clean interface, but like YouTube, they advertise related videos when the clip is finished.)
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I like Viddler.
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Response by poster: thanks for those suggestions, forgot about viddler!
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Best answer: for anyone interested I'm going with Bits On The Run
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