Any good classical music blogs or news pages?
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Any good classical music blogs or news pages?

I'm open to any suggestions, though I'm looking hopefully for something more accessible than technical. News, reviews and history.
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Hard to deny Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise its due.
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I like Caleb Deupree's Classical-Drone.
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There's Mostly Opera... which is a personal blog by someone who covers, well, mostly opera, but non-opera music (vocal and non-vocal), too. There are lots of reviews of operas (of both live performances and DVDs), CDs, concert performances, as well as news and schedules for major opera houses (with a focus on Europe).

Not sure if this is too specific for what you're looking for, but one of my favorite blogs (classical music or otherwise) is the personal blog by mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato. Aside from being an excellent singer, she's a talented writer and photographer as well (she often posts photos to/from her Flickr account), and creates a very accessible, interesting and enjoyable blog, IMO. She discusses aspects of her profession as expected (e.g. recording sessions, performing on stage, studying different roles, working with conductors/orchestras/fellow singers), and also branches out into other topics that really demonstrate her sense of gratitude, and her continual love for learning, being creative and being inspired in general.
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Seconding (and thirding and fourthing) The Rest is Noise (and check out the book, as well).

I'm also a huge fan of the San Francisco Chronicle's Joshua Kosman. Not a blog, but that link should point you to all his reviews for the past 30 days. I am not especially knowledgeable about classical music, but I find Kosman's writing smart, opinionated, and often funny. He's honest about performances he thinks fall short, but he's also effusive about music that knocks his socks off.
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Jessica Duchen's classical music blog is worth a read.
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