Desire Paths/Lines: the original translation and related concepts/terms
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Desire Paths / Lines: a term apparently coined by Gaston Bachelard in The Poetics of Space. What was the original French he used? and are there any other terms for the act and outcome of paths that emerge through routine, reflexion and the feedback of movement.

What was Bachelard's original name for desire lines, in French?

Also, I am not just interested in desire lines as object/artefact, but the actual act of creating/adding to desire lines. Is there a different term for this? or a series of related terms? any terms from other areas/disciplines which pop into your head?

Some past ask.mefis that touch on this subject:

I'd really love to read any notions/ideas you have regarding this concept. Thanks!
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I've never read Bachelard, nor can I read much French, but I've seen ligne de désir, chemin de l’âne, desire line, and elephant path. I'd guess the first was Bachelard's term, but I'll leave the actual answer to somebody else
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