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NYC Restaurant Filter: Looking for a nice restaurant very close to Carnegie Hall for dinner on Wednesday night. (Or walking distance from Madison Sq Park would also work.)

- Reservations a plus (we have a group of 6).
- One of our party is vegetarian, so should have some options for him. (aka no steakhouses unfortunately.)
- ~$25 entree range
- Asian, Thai, or Indian would be nice but isn't a requirement. Any recommendation would be helpful, thanks!
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How close is very close? There are scads of wonderful ethnic restaurants on 9th avenue, south of 55th St., including about 20 Thai and 5 Indian in a few blocks. Also Afghan and Indonesian and Mexican and Brazilian and Italian, all in your price range. But if you have someone who has trouble walking, that might be too far.

I haven't been to Topaz Thai, but it seems well reviewed and is the closest Thai to Carnegie Hall.
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On the Indian front, you might try Sapphire at B'Way and 60th, and they have a pretty huge Asian menu (i.e., more than just sushi) at Blue Ribbon Sushi on 58th bet 8/9.
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Right on Madison Square Park, you'll find Tabla which is a pretty fascinating take on new Indian. Downstairs it will fall into your price range. Upstairs it will be a tad pricier (IIRC) and a little more formal. I haven't been in a few years, but it's a very cool place with a lot of good veg. options.
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Was about to pop into this thread to recommend Tabla, but looks like Bellman beat me to it, so I'll second the suggestion. It may be a little pricier than you're looking for, but it's really excellent and definitely unusual. (I was there about a year ago.)
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Try searching Chowhound's Manhattan Board. I suspect someone has asked about this on there before.
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Definitely Tabla.
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Table is yum, but I should warn you that Tabla is not near Carnegie Hall... you'll have to make sure to schedule time to take the subway/cab to your performance.
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NOT Sapphire!!!! The last time I was there they put spoiled milk in a White Russian.

Topaz is good;I was going to suggest Molyvos but it's a bit pricey.
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