How to make a vertical timeline?
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How to make a vertical timeline?

I would like to make a timeline that I can publish on my website for visualizing important events in my life (like when I went to school, graduated from university, etc). There seem to be several online and offline apps for this purpose. However, none of them allows me to create a vertical instead of horizontal timeline.

Thus, I am looking for an application (web/mac) which allows me to make a vertical timeline and to publish it on my website.
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Bee Docs Timeline for the Mac can do vertical timelines and has a free trial available. The standard edition is $40.
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Best answer: Are you looking for something that looks like this timeline?

You can learn how to do it here.
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Use Excel (#1 on the google search you linked), and just switch the X and Y axes.
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Sorry this might be a dumb question but are you sure that bee docs timeline can do vertical timelines. I cannot find such a function in the program or in the documentation

Yes, I was looking for something like this. The only thing I don't like about it is the design. If someone has a solution for a timeline that looks a bit more classy, I would still like to know about it.
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Well, the beauty of CSS is that you can easily change the design. I would use Katemoney's solution and play with the code at bit.
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Whoops, I misread a comment on the Bee Docs blog. Please disregard my suggestion.
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